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Ideas and tips for keeping your dog occupied during confinement

Containment measures following the Covid-19 pandemic are not simple for our four-legged friends who need their daily physical activity.

Whether your doggie is small or large, he needs to get out, to walk around, to sniff the smells left by his peers, to mingle with the scents of nature or the urban environment he is used to.

Long walks, dog-to-dog encounters, canicross, agility activities and other collective canine activities are prohibited throughout this period of confinement. Our daily life is not the same anymore.

This period of “stayathome” allows us to meet with our families and share activities together. This can be positive for having fun activities with your dog.

What can you do to keep your dogs occupied during this period of confinement, to have fun with them while respecting the measures in place?

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Discover our ideas and advice.

1. Maintain the dog’s physical activity

  • Even if the walks should be short, within the perimeter of the home, it is important that your companion gets some fresh air and can stretch his legs and smell the odours of his fellow creatures, while complying with current regulations and health rules.
  • Play with your four-legged friend.
    If you own a garden, don’t hesitate to play with it by involving your family in outdoor games. Throwing a ball will amuse your children as much as your doggie. It will do you as much good as it did him.
  • Whether you are in your apartment, house or garden, the rope game or tug is ideal for having fun with your companion in a small space.
    It is a great game for all dogs and is beneficial for those who are easily excited or impulsive.
    Dropping a toy that he is actively pulling on will require a lot of self-control.
    He also teaches the dog to calm down between play sessions, the dogs get a lot of physical exercise during play.
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2. Stimulate your sense of smell

  • Hide little treats in a plastic bottle, a digging mat, or a mind game…
  • Putting soft food on a silicone feeding mat
  • Put pâté, fromage frais or sweets into playthings

3. Increase masticatory activity

  • A antlers or deer antlers is a delight for them, it is a healthy occupation, rich in calcium and minerals. Hours of assured chewing while naturally descaling your teeth.
  • A veal hoof filled with fromage frais or other delicacy to lick. Once the hoof is empty, he will be able to chew it and enjoy it for a long time.
  • Offer him a skin chew bone

4. Working on your dog’s education

  • Take advantage of the time you have to strengthen your bond with your dog. You can review the basics of dog training “sit, lie down, not move, stop, stay, …” and also, teach him new tricks.
  • Many videos and tutorials are available on YouTube to help you with this initiation.
    You will be able to share your dog’s evolution on social networks.
  • We recommend the YouTube channel of “The Flash Dogs“.
    Aiko, Owen and Olivia explain how to teach your dog many tricks.
    There are videos on how to learn to step back, curtsy, hold an object in the mouth, slalom between the legs and many other tips.

At this particular time of year, it is important to take care of your pets, while looking after your health and that of your family #stayathome.