Information and delivery rates

Delivery Service Provider are Mondial Relay and bPost (relayed by Colissimo in France).

  • For an order of less than 49 € (*) shipping costs will be charged as detailed below.
  • For an order from 49 € (*) the shipping costs are free with Mondial Relay Pick-up point in France and Belgium.
    In case of home delivery, the shipping costs detailed below will apply.
  • The costs of home deliveries will be charged as follows:
    • in Belgium: €6.50
    • in Metropolitan France: €13.50

It is also possible for the customer to pick up his order at Sun and Zaira after agreeing on a pick-up appointment.

Shipping Costs

CountryCarrierType of deliveryPriceDelay(**)
BelgiumMondial RelayPickup point3,75 €1-3 Days
Belgium bPostPickup point5,75 €1-3 Days
FranceMondial RelayPickup point5,90 €3-5 Days
Belgium bPostDelivery at home6,50 €1-3 Days
FrancebPostDelivery at home13,50 €2-4 Days
LuxemburgMondial RelayPickup point4,80 €1-3 Days
LuxemburgbPostDelivery at home10,20 €1-3 Days
The NetherlandsbPostDelivery at home9,80 €1-3 Days
The NetherlandsMondial RelayPickup point8,50 €4-5 Days
SpainMondial RelayPickup point9,50 €4-5 Days
SpainMondial RelayDelivery at home10,50 €5-6 Days
ItalyMondial RelayDelivery at home12,50 €5-6 Days
GermanybPostDelivery at home10,60 €1-3 Days
GermanyMondial Relay Delivery at home10,90 €4-5 Days
AustriaMondial Relay Delivery at home12,50 €5-6 Days
NorwaybPostDelivery at home40,50 €5-6 Days

Shipping Costs

CountryShipping MethodPriceDelay(**)
BelgiumMondial Relay
Pick up point
3,75 €1-3 Days
Belgium bPost
Pick up point
4,80 €1-3 Days
Belgium bPost
Home delivery
5,50 €1-3 Days
FranceMondial Relay
Pick up point
4,85 €3-5 Days
FrancebPost (Colissimo)
Home delivery
12,45 €2-4 Days
LuxemburgMondial Relay
Pick up point
4,80 €1-3 Days
Home delivery
9,20 €1-3 Days
The NetherlandsbPost
Home delivery
9,80 €1-3 Days
The NetherlandsMondial Relay
Pick up point
8,50 €4-5 Days
SpainMondial Relay
Pick up point
9,50 €4-5 Days
SpainMondial Relay
Home delivery
10,50 €5-6 Days
ItalyMondial Relay
Home delivery
12,50 €5-6 Days
Home delivery
10,60 €1-3 Days
AustriaMondial Relay
Home delivery
12,50 €5-6 Days
Home delivery
40,50 €5-6 Days

Order processing

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our biscuits, sweets and cakes are produced in an artisanal way on demand.

We treat your orders with care as they are received.

Creating some cakes can take up to 10 days, respecting the drying and preparation times of the biscuits.

Delivery times

After the order processing time, which can take a week, the parcels are dropped off at a relay point, Point Poste within 24 to 48 hours.

There is no deposit at a Mondial Relay point on Mondays.

The delivery time may vary depending on the method of payment or carrier chosen, or due to holidays.

We protect the biscuits as much as possible, we pack them carefully in several protections.

Sun and Zaira cannot be held responsible in case of breakage.

Of course, we remain at your disposal if you should encounter a problem during delivery, but unfortunately we have no control over the treatment of packages or possible delays.

Additional charges for parcels over 31 kg :

Important :a package can contain a maximum of 31 kg of merchandise. Orders weighing more than this limit will be shipped in two or more packages. That is why, depending on the value and weight of your order, additional charges per additional parcel will be applied to the total of your order as soon as a second parcel is sent. The total amount of the shipping costs will be indicated once you have identified yourself or when you have given a postal address at the time of validating your order. If an order has to be delivered in several packages for other technical or logistical reasons, no additional shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

(*) Excluding discounts and promotions
(**) Average delivery time in working days